9 September 2021

We are so excited to be celebrating our FIRST EVER Teddy Bear Day with children, and schools, across the world!

We are helping children all over the world to Get Social Again. To give them the skills they need to cope with overwhelming feelings like anxiety and fear, and the tools to recover from, or to prevent, bullying. 
The Bears of Blueberry Forest will be debuting their very first Online Show 

All ticket sales will go towards implementing the EQ Programme into your school, or a school nominated by you. PLUS each ticket holder will also receive:
 •A free narrated video book of “Cody’s Birthday Party” – a book that helps children to deal with anxiety.
•An invitation to join our exclusive Facebook Group where you will receive additional free EQ resources and support from our incredible EQ experts.

Make Your Teddy Bear Day 'Teddy Tastic' with a Screening of
The Bears of Blueberry Forest Debut Show

Stand a chance to win an in-person visit to Your School from the Bears of Blueberry Forest and their friend Molly

Open to all schools across the world!

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Teddy Bear Day
9 September 2021
Our EQ Teaching Bears
for 4 - 10 year olds